WATCH: MSNBC Host Nicolle Wallace Hopes Coronavirus Tanks Trump’s Presidency


Nicole Wallace Talks Coronavirus on MSNBC


Imagine reacting to the coronavirus outbreak by hoping that the situation gets horrific enough to bring about the downfall of the Trump administration. Ever since the coronavirus outbreak hit the news cycle, progressive media has been using it as a political cudgel to slam the Trump administration while whipping the public into a frenzy.


But last Friday, MSNBC aired a segment in which host Nicole Wallace and Princeton professor Eddie Glaude attempted to paint the outbreak as President Trump’s “Hurricane Katrina.” But even worse, they seemed to hope that the deaths that result from the disease would lead to the president’s defeat in November.

“We talked about the business community finally not kind of sticking with Donald Trump,” Glaude said. “But this may be, and you know Nicole, I should mention this with a little trepidation, but this may be Donald Trump’s Katrina.”

Wallace jumped in, recalling how Hurricane Katrina impacted the Bush administration:

“Yeah…Let’s just lean into that for a minute. Katrina was the moment when all the things that felt incompetent about the Bush presidency, the appoint of Harriet Miers to the Supreme Court. The botched attempt to pass Social Security privatization, I mean I lived it, I can go through the whole list, were realized.”

The exchange continued, excitedly discussing how the coronavirus outbreak could hurt President Trump politically. “If there was any moment that would shake that 40%, the folks who would allow him to shoot someone down someone on fifth – if there’s any a moment, its this one,” Glaude gushed. “Because it’s old people its babies, its friends, its young people, its grandparents. It’s your Nana.”


Wallace recalled her tenure as White House Communications director under the Bush administration, explaining that deaths of those infected with the coronavirus could create the same type of “moment” as the deaths of the victims of Hurricane Katrina. “We gave them a proof point that we were indeed, incompetent. And also, people died. I mean this has the makings structurally of the same kind of moment,” she reasoned. Glaude agreed, concluding that, “This is an event that could take down a presidency.”

Wallace and Gaude were not the only ones in left-wing media hoping that the virus would lead to the president’s ouster. On an airing of NBC’s “Meet the Press,” host Chuck Todd had a similar conversation with Washington Post contributor Matt Bai. “Matt, you and I were talking about it before the break. What the Iran hostage crisis was to the final year of Carter’s presidency, not his fault but it’s a test in real-time. This is what this seems to be for Trump,” Todd said.

Bai built on Todd’s comparison, theorizing that if the situation goes “badly,” it could bring about a Democratic victory in November:

“There is even – There is a certain capacity for chaos in American voters. They don’t like chaos, they don’t like uncertainty, the markets don’t like it, the voters don’t like it, we don’t like it in our daily lives. I’m frankly surprised that the exhaustion from that chaos has been as slow in coming as it has in the American public, but this does hold the potential if it goes badly to become a kind of Jimmy Carter-like scenario where the public just says, ‘can’t wake up with this anxiety every day. We’ve got to have some kind of leadership.’”


You know how the saying goes: “Never let a good crisis go to waste.” The corporate press seems to be taking this maxim to heart in its coverage of the coronavirus. Instead of giving the facts, the Fourth Estate is instead using it to sow as much fear as possible while attacking the president. It seems that every day, progressive journalists show that the wellbeing of the American public is not their concern; they are focused on pushing a political agenda, and they have shown that they are willing to use thousands of tragic deaths to do so.


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