Kansas Police Officer Admits He Lied About Offensive Slur Being Written on His Coffee Cup

Screenshot cropped, from Houston Police via Twitter, https://twitter.com/houstonpolice/status/1196926442497556480


There have been several instances over the past few years of employees of eating establishments insulting and otherwise disrespecting police officers. Some have even refused to serve law enforcement officers. Many members of law enforcement have been the subject of scorn due largely to the anti-police sentiment being fomented by the progressive left. That’s what makes stories like this even more appalling. 


A police officer in Kansas resigned his position on Monday after confessing to fabricating a story involving an incident at a local McDonald’s. The officer, who worked with the Herington Police Department, claimed that an employee of the restaurant wrote “f*cking pig,” on the receipt which was attached to his cup. Police Chief Brian Hornaday took to Facebook to let followers know about the supposed treatment of his officer and the story garnered nationwide attention. 

The New York Times reported that the officer’s story was called into question when video footage showed that none of the employees had written anything on the cup. In a news conference, Hornaday told reporters that the 23-year-old officer admitted he concocted the story “as a joke.” Hornaday said, “I hope he understands the magnitude of the black eye this gives the law enforcement profession from coast to coast.” 

In another news conference, Lenor Brazzi, the director of operations for the franchise said the restaurant had been “transparent and fully cooperative,” in the investigation. “While we’re glad that the evidence confirmed our evaluation that the McDonald’s and our employees, the crew members, were absolutely not involved, we stand with our community in being disappointed about these actions,” she said. 


The police chief explained that he could not disclose the name of the officer because it was a “personnel matter.” But he did tell reporters that the officer had been on the force for about two months after serving in the military.  

In the Facebook post, Hornaday said that the officer purchased the coffee on his way to work and that the restaurant offered him a “free lunch” to make amends. “A Big Mac and large fries doesn’t make up for it,” he wrote. “The U.S. veteran who continued to serve deserves much more.”

This incident occurs only a few weeks after a Starbucks’ barista actually did write the epithet on an officer’s coffee cup. The employee was fired after the officer wrote a Facebook post describing the incident. 

Hornaday said that he believed the officer at first because he expected that “a uniformed, sworn officer” would tell the truth. “The duty of every police officer is to protect and serve with the highest level of integrity and trust,” he said. “This incident has been an obvious violation of that public trust.” 

Anti-police resentment has grown over the years, and in many cases, distrust of law enforcement is warranted. There have been numerous cases in which officers have acted in ways that are abhorrent, going beyond the boundaries of their duty. Nevertheless, the majority of law enforcement personnel do perform their jobs with integrity. 


Behavior like this does not help officers who strive to protect and serve their communities every day. Indeed, it only makes their jobs harder, especially when they give the anti-police crowd the ammunition they need to unfairly slander those who put their lives on the line to keep their neighborhoods safe. 


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