Fake News: Viral Story of 13-Year-Old Being Attacked for Supporting Trump Exposed as Hoax

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Last week, a story describing a brutal attack on a 13-year-old boy went viral when his mother took to Twitter claiming that he was beaten because he supports President Donald Trump. But new revelations indicate that the woman’s claims were inaccurate. 


On Christmas Day, a user going by the name of Jennifer tweeted a picture of her child with a bloody nose and claimed he was assaulted because he was white and a supporter of the president. She wrote:

“My 13 year old son was attacked for being white and a Donald trump supporter. Him and his older brother were called names and beat with a mallet breaking my youngest son (13) nose. Racism is real and not one sided! We should be able to support who we chose without being attacked!”



Over the next few days, she repeated her claim in a series of tweets tagging Trump and various prominent conservatives such as Kaitlin Bennett and Franklin Graham. Her posts received an overwhelming response on Twitter, with thousands of “likes” and retweets. 

While some respondents were skeptical of her story, the majority expressed their support and outrage at the notion that a child would be attacked for being white and having certain political beliefs. Many criticized the mainstream media for ignoring the story —which the press typically does with stories such as these. 

She claimed that the assault occurred on the 20th at a skate park in Corning, California. In one of her tweets, she stated that she contacted the police. She also posted pictures of X-rays claiming that they show the extent of her child’s injuries. 


However, the Corning Police Department, after spending 15 hours investigating the matter, released a statement on Facebook revealing that the story the child’s mother told did not accurately describe the situation. According to the statement, the kids who participated in the altercation “were involved in an unauthorized boxing match,” at the skate park. After the fight, two groups of kids “began pushing each other.” The interaction devolved into a “heated verbal exchange in which racial slurs were used as insults.” 



The statement then states that “one of the reporting juveniles brandished a folding knife with the blade closed.” The kids agreed to meet again at the park for another fight.

The two groups later met at the skate park for another bout. The report states:

“One 13-year-old boy, who previously brandished the knife, sustained a broken nose as a result of being punched by an 18-year-old boy who came to fight on behalf of his younger siblings. No further visible or treatable injuries were reported. It is our belief that no weapons were used in the fight. Although some of the involved juveniles from both sides of this dispute used racial slurs, it did not appear that race or political affiliation was the cause of this problem.”

In other words, the two groups clashed because of the initial fight, which led to racial slurs being used. The genesis of the incident was not racial, but it appears that both sides verbally attacked each other with racial epithets. There is no evidence that politics played a part in this interaction. Similar to the story about a white kid being beaten up on a school bus in Ohio, it was a case of kids beefing with one another. Put simply, it was kids behaving stupidly — not a hate crime. 


Over the past few years, we have seen numerous fake hate crime hoaxes being perpetrated by people on the left. Americans on both sides pilloried the individuals who committed these actions. But now, there have been two stories in as many weeks alleging politically-motivated violence where it was not present. 

It doesn’t seem likely that situations such as these will become a trend on the right — especially since the corporate media tends to ignore these stories whether they are real or fake. But it is yet another reminder that consumers on both sides refrain from jumping to conclusions before the facts come out. 


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