Border Patrol Rescues Thousands of Migrants in 2019. Media Silent.


Here’s a story the progressive media would rather you didn’t know about. During Fiscal Year 2019, Customs and Border Patrol (CBP) agents rescued almost 5,000 migrants from dire situations as they attempted to travel to the United States. 


To someone that consumes news primarily from the left-leaning establishment media outlets, this might come as a shock. After all, progressives have a penchant for demonizing agencies like CBP and Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), which targets drug dealers, violent criminals, and human traffickers. But perhaps the individuals working with these organizations are not the monsters that the “Abolish ICE” crowd wants you to think. 

Breitbart Texas reported that Border Patrol agents rescued 22 migrants just last week. These individuals were lost in the wilderness in California. In the same week, Tucson Sector agents rescued five migrants who were lost in the Arizona desert. Each of these efforts involved saving mothers traveling with children. 

Del Rio Sector agents also rescued a woman who they found unresponsive in Eagle Pass, Texas. She was with two children. “Agents continue to apprehend individuals with preexisting medical conditions,” said Del Rio Sector Chief Patrol Agent Raul L. Ortiz in a written statement. “Thankfully, the swift response of agents helped save the woman’s life. 

According to Breitbart Texas, Border Patrol rescued 4,911 migrants during the fiscal year, which ended on September 30. This represents a 15% increase over last year’s number. Acting CPB Commissioner Mark Morgan addressed reporters in an October press conference: 


“In Fiscal Year 2019, United States Border Patrol agents rescued more than 4,900 people along the southwest border.  Let that soak in a minute. They rescued 4,900 individuals along the southwest border. In the midst of this crisis, our agents rendered aid, and, in many cases, put themselves in harm’s way to rescue thousands of peoples whose lives or wellbeing at risk.  When the agents see a migrant family struggling in a river, they’ve answered the call. When they locate people dying of thirst in the desert, they answer the call.” 

The commissioner also pointed out that when CBP agents find someone who needs rescuing, “they don’t ask them questions about their citizenship or their migration status; they see a human being in need and they answer the call.” 

While Democratic politicians and their close friends and allies in the corporate media publicly berate agents working with CBP, these men and women not only fight to keep our nation safe, they also risk their lives to save migrants who become endangered as they travel to the U.S. — legally and illegally alike. As AOC and her ilk accuse border authorities of operating Hitlerian concentration camps, Border Patrol agents are helping even the people who seek to subvert our immigration laws. 


Unfortunately, the hard left open borders crowd will not likely be swayed by the truth. Many on the left might have valid, principled objections to some of the Trump administration’s border policies, but even they wouldn’t denigrate the risks taken by Border Patrol agents. 

But it’s the progressive faction that seeks to vilify these individuals to further their political agenda, one that is designed to give them an electoral advantage. To them, stories such as this present an inconvenient truth. To the rest of America, it is a reminder of what makes our nation great. 

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