Quick Poll: Article V Convention of States

A week before the election, I had a mini-debate with someone who held a perspective opposite of mine on initiating an Article V Convention of States to establish amendments in the Constitution. For the sake of the poll, I won’t express which side I was on, but my basis to end the debate was to say that it hasn’t happened in over 200 years and isn’t likely to happen any time soon.

That was before the election.

The rise of GOP-controlled legislatures has forced me to eat those words. While still unlikely, we’ve never been closer to actually seeing it happen in our lifetimes. The question needs to be asked: Now that we can, should we?

We put together a quick Twitter poll (very scientific, that I can tell you) to see what conservatives thought. I specifically put it on a smaller Twitter account to make sure we were getting as many conservative perspectives as possible. Liberals generally oppose it, so frankly their input was unnecessary. A very brief and mostly accurate explanation of a CoS is that the state legislatures select “commissioners” to meet at a Convention of States if 34 states call for it. Amendments to the Constitution are proposed and require 38 votes to ratify. Each state gets one vote.

Here’s the poll:

Do you support a CoS? Oppose? Are you one who believes we should have it only if a series of amendments are proposed (this is of particular interest to those who see the passage of a balanced budget amendment as worthless if it’s not accompanied by a tax and tariff cap amendment). Sound off!

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