Trump's Lawyers Back Off Threat to File Complaints Against Jim Comey

It appears Trump hires lawyers with as much bluster as him and who engage in empty threats about lawsuits as well. The day after Jim Comey’s testimony on June 8, Trump’s lawyer, Marc E. Kasowitz, tried to say the conversations between Comey and the president that made it to the press were “unauthorized disclosures.”


Then the threats came:

“We will leave it to the appropriate authorities to determine whether these leaks should be investigated along with all the others being investigated,” Kasowitz said in a statement he read to the news media at the National Press Club.

After his press appearance, sources close to Kasowitz repeatedly promised that the president’s lawyers would file within days formal complaints with the Justice Department inspector general and the Senate Judiciary Committee seeking an investigation of Comey. One such story, published by CNN on June 9, said the lawyers planned to file the complaints “early next week.” Another story, on Fox News the same day, said the filings by “super attorney” Kasowitz would be part of a “three pronged legal attack” on Comey that “will likely be filed next week.”

Naturally, they did nothing. And the lame reason they offered up?

The reason, sources said, is that Kasowitz — and his co-counsels Jay Sekulow and John Dowd — are concerned that such filings might antagonize Mueller and potentially backfire on the president.

The complaints have been put off “out of deference to Mueller to let him do his job,” said a source close to Trump’s legal team, who asked not to be identified by name. But, the source insisted, “[they] will be filed at some point.”


Yeah, right. Trump’s lawyer’s lack of a filing has nothing to with not wanting to compromise the investigation nor is there any deference given to Robert Mueller. Trump-friendly organizations are already trying to smear Mueller.

They’re not filing because the accusations are nonsense and they know. The sense that Donald Trump or his attorneys’ act out of respect for anybody is a joke.


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