Howard Dean's Tweet About the Free Beacon Shows Why He's a Clown and Not President

Howard Dean will never be President and will be remembered more for a scream than anything else. Often, Dean reveals that while he’s obviously an intelligent man (he is a medical doctor, after all), he sometimes says the dumbest things.


Washington Free Beacon reporter Brent Scher is in Georgia to cover the race between Karen Handel and Jon Ossoff. Ossoff’s campaign had an event last night, and his campaign wouldn’t allow Scher to go in. He tweeted:

It’s ironic coming from a Democrat, especially as they have lambasted the Trump administration for its treatment of the press. Sam Stein of the Huffington Post (soon he will be with The Daily Beast) tweeted the following in support of Scher:

He’s right. The Free Beacon, while leaning right, is legitimate mainstream news outlet with quality reporters who break big stories. It’s not Breitbart or Gateway Pundit.


Along comes Howard Dean to unload his unique brand of asininity:

Dean was asked to provide examples of the so-called “fake news” and “propaganda, ” but he never replied. Of course, he didn’t. Apparently, being a doctor gives him the ability, unlike others, to talk out of his rear end.

Dean should read this piece from Mother Jones since he’s obviously been spending too much time reading Daily Kos diaries to separate fact from fiction.


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