Latest Poll Has More Bad News for President Trump

At some point, Donald Trump may want to learn to stop causing problems for himself. Yes, he faces a hostile media, but at the same time, so much of what ails Trump is Trump.

The latest CBS poll has more bad numbers for the President:

Overall, just 37 percent of Americans approve of how Mr. Trump has handled matters involving the FBI investigation thus far, two-thirds do care about the issue at least some, and 60 percent say former FBI Director Comey should not have been fired. And 63 percent say there should be a special prosecutor. These numbers are all highly related to whether Americans support the president or not.

On the whole, 85 percent of Americans do believe that the president discussed the FBI investigation in private meetings with Comey in some fashion, though fewer (48 percent) think he actively tried to stop the probe. The rest think he just mentioned it without trying to impede it. In either case, 79 percent of Americans believe that if there are tapes of those conversations, those ought to be turned over, and the feeling is similar about any possible memos, with 75 percent feeling Congress ought to see those if they exist. On those latter topics, supporters and opponents largely agree.

The good news for Trump is his most ardent supporters are still backing him:

They’re holding firm for a president that 89 percent of them feel is facing more resistance from “the establishment” than his predecessors. More than three-quarters of them see political motivations behind the recent controversies and more than eight in 10 believe the president is subject to unfair coverage. They support him not only because they feel he needs their support now against the “establishment” but also because eight in ten feel he speaks for people like them, and that he “respects the working class” in ways others do not. (They do demographically tend to be the kinds of voters who helped swing the election for him, non-college graduates with relatively lower incomes.)

People are talking about Trump’s overseas trip so far which is going relatively well. Unfortunately, the question us not if he will suffer another self-inflicted wound, but when he’ll do it.

That’s been the story of his presidency thus far and it’s part of the reason his numbers are like this.

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