Watch Amanda Carpenter Call Out Republicans for Failing to Stand Up to Donald Trump

Republicans in Congress, save for a handful such as Ben Sasse, John McCain, and Justin Amash, have been unwilling or afraid to step up to a microphone and rebuke Donald Trump — for anything. It’s as though they’re scared of finding themselves a target of his wrath on Twitter.


No matter what he says or does, Republicans either make excuses or sidestep any questions about his actions or statements. At some point, they will have to decide if they want the Republican Party to survive or to go down with a sinking ship. Trump is not going to change.

Amanda Carpenter was on with Anderson Cooper recently and said the following about the GOP:

And right now, I see way too many fence-sitters all over the media on the Republican side who want to take this position that we’re just anti-liberal. They can’t defend Donald Trump on these merits. So they blame liberals, they blame the media, they say you can’t understand the situation unless you live in some one-stoplight town in middle America, and that you have to take the president — you have to believe the best about what might be in his heart rather than what he says on Twitter every single day.

This is ridiculous; it’s not tenable, and Republicans — if they just think politically — this cannot last.


Unfortunately, far too many are doing just what she said. They are concentrating on being anti-liberal and anti-media and anti-anti-Trump instead of concerning themselves more with the embarrassment who occupies the Oval Office.

I understand what it means to push back on Democrats who don’t seem to care when that behavior is on their side. Take for example Barack Obama’s treatment of journalists. Democrats barely said a word. If it were Trump, they’d lose their minds. Tribalism works in the short term. Down the road, it doesn’t help, and Republicans are headed in a direction where they’ll find out too late.


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