President Trump Tweeted a Veiled Threat to James Comey

Does President Trump want to get impeached? We’d all be a lot better off if he resigned and let Mike Pence take over. It’s bad enough Trump fired James Comey because Trump didn’t like there was a Russia investigation and because Comey wouldn’t vow loyalty to him. Now he’s making threats to Comey after he’s walked out the door.

The President of the United States tweeted this earlier:

For the uninitiated, that is the President of the United States saying to a former government official, “You better be careful about what you tell reporters because I may have recorded our conversations and will leak them the press.”

Is there anybody who is ok with this outside of hard-core Trumpers who were with him from the start (Let’s face it, they’d defend Trump if he fed a baby to a pack of starving hyenas)?

Seriously, I am asking: Are all you conservatives who have said leaks are the most important story at all concerned about this?


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