Mike Lee's Idea for Merrick Garland to Head the FBI Isn't Crazy, But It Won't Happen

A lot of people who cried over Merrick Garland not getting a seat on the Supreme Court are unaware of his extensive background in the legal profession and law enforcement.


It is why people were puzzled as to why Senator Mike Lee tweeted the following:

David Drucker called Lee’s office and:

It’s not out of bounds to suggest Garland’s name. Here’s why:

In 1989, shortly after becoming a partner, he returned to public service by accepting a job as a federal prosecutor during the George H.W. Bush Administration, investigating and trying cases involving public corruption, drug trafficking, and fraud.

He later joined the Department of Justice, first as Deputy Assistant Attorney General for the Criminal Division and then as Principal Associate Deputy Attorney General. In these roles, he oversaw some of the Department’s most significant prosecutions in the 1990s, including coordinating the government’s response to the Oklahoma City bombing. Garland moved to Oklahoma in the days following that terrorist attack, and led the investigation and prosecution that ultimately brought Timothy McVeigh to justice. He also supervised the Department’s responses to the Unabomber and the Montana Freemen.


It is not a crazy idea. Garland, because of his experience as a federal prosecutor would convince Republicans. Democrats wouldn’t be foolish enough to oppose Garland for obvious reasons.

Still, it’s an idea that will not come to fruition. Garland would have to give up his seat as the chief judge of the DC Circuit court. Naturally, it creates an opening on the court for Trump to fill.

After watching the circus surrounding James Comey, Garland is likely not going to take a chance at a job where he might ceremoniously get terminated if Trump feels he’s not “loyal” enough.

So while the idea has merit, the likelihood of it happening has the same odds of a Hillary Clinton nomination to lead the FBI.


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