On Twitter (Where else?), Trump Offers His Lame Excuses for Firing James Comey

Leave it to President Tantrum to run to Twitter to give his reasons for firing James Comey. There are people on both sides who are off the rails on this one. Hardcore Trump supporters are defending the move saying it’s in line with Trump’s promise to “drain the swamp” while some on the left are demanding the introduction of articles of impeachment for what he did.


The reality is somewhere in the middle. The Trumpers excusing the President can’t explain why he waited nearly four months to flush swamp creature Comey down the drain and the “Impeach!” crowd cannot comprehend that what Trump did was certainly within his purview.

Still, Trump is going to be Trump and so instead of holding a press conference to explain his actions; he took to Twitter:

Trump is not wrong. Schumer is an idiot. But how about cooling it with schoolyard nicknames, ok?

Yes but you’ve praised Comey going back to last year, and now you’re pretending his conduct with Hillary Clinton is a fireable offense?


To believe this, one has to think the “prestige” of the FBI is gone. The only ones who are saying that are the still angry Hillary supporters who blame Comey for her loss.

Just weeks ago you said the opposite:

That confidence didn’t diminish over the last few weeks. Once again, Trump is not helping himself.



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