Pro-Abortion Advocate Changes Twitter Avi After Crazy Tweet About the NY Times

The poor New York Times. They just can’t catch a break from the left these days. First, there was the Bret Stephens dust-up, with the former Wall Street Journal columnist going to work for The Gray Lady. He wrote a piece about climate change that had people canceling their subscriptions for hiring a “climate denier.”


Now, the NY Times made the mistake of allowing a pro-life advocate to write something for the opinion pages. That got abortion supporters in a tizzy. One of them, Lauren Rankin tweeted the following:

Notice the avatar. Well, when she first tweeted it, it looked like this:


The shirt she’s wearing says ‘❤️ Abortion’ on it:



To this:


Funny how it changed once the tweet started getting some attention. Remember, they always say they’re not “pro-abortion, ” but rather they believe it to be a “right,” “women’s health,” and “justice” and blah blah blah blah. It’s a tiring argument because it’s complete garbage. When you’re wearing a shirt saying you love abortion, you’re pro-abortion.

Be sure to stick them with that label.




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