Charles Krauthammer Slams Obama's Courage Remarks; 'Good Riddance'

One of the faults I observed about President Obama during his eight years in office is the propensity he had to pretend as if by proclamation a policy he proposed, became law. Obama delivered a speech, awaited the fawning praise from many in the media and the adoration of his cultists and then act puzzled as to why his wondrous proposal didn’t sail through Congress and land on his desk for signature.


“Why aren’t they doing my bidding?” is what lurked beneath President Obama’s comments to the press about Congress “not acting,” forgetting that little thing called the separation of powers. Even when he succeeded, it was not unsurprising for the negativity for that policy to be blamed on somebody else, most notably, Republicans in Congress. Any failures of Obamacare were not the result of the Democrats ramming the legislation through Congress. No, the fault lay squarely with “intransigent” Republicans who refused to “fix” Obamacare, as if his crappy law was their fault.

Naturally, now that Obamacare will start to unravel through the legislative process, President Obama is pretending as though his signature legislation is an act of “courage” on his part, a sacrifice he made on behalf of the poor and the downtrodden. Such gobbledygook pulls at the heartstrings of suckers but in reality, comes off as nothing but self-righteous chest-thumping designed to save face in light of a law that despite the best efforts of Democrats and the media, is not very popular.


Charles Krauthammer was having none of it and said the following on Fox News:

He’s 100% right.


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