Tomi Lahren: From Self-Righteous to Delusional

If you thought the saga of Tomi Lahren died with her settling her lawsuit with TheBlaze, think again because that does not happen. Chances are until she lands somewhere else, we’ll be hearing from her just so long as people keep asking her to talk.


The latest is an aptly entitled Politico piece, ‘Tomi Lahren Will Not Shut Up.”

We know. 

The Politico article is filled with unsurprising news but does contain some interesting nuggets. Here she is, discussing what she reads (outside of books):

Her knowledge of current political events comes not from connections to the powers that be in Washington—her only real political experience came from working as a summer intern in Rep. Kristi Noem’s Rapid City, South Dakota, office—but from her daily news diet that includes reading the New York Times and the Washington Post and watching CNN, MSNBC and ABC’s news programs. “I read numerous sources, mostly liberal,” Lahren says. “I don’t read a lot of Fox or Red State. That’s not really my jam. I don’t want to assume their voices.”

I often hear people say this and find it to be somewhat dishonest. A well-rounded take on the news requires reading multiple sources including mainstream news, liberal commentary, and conservative commentary. It’s silly to “brag” you don’t read conservative outlets as all it does is reveal a lack of intellectual curiosity. It isn’t all that different from people who refuse to read the NY Times or watch CNN because it’s “fake news.”

The best part of the piece is when she attempts to take credit (in part) for Donald Trump’s election:


Lahren has a stake in Trump’s success. She’s built her brand in the past year by building up Trump when others, Democrats and Republicans alike, were running him down. She may have gotten more followers for that approach, but she believes Trump got something, too. “I worked my ass off to get the message out,” Lahren says. “I believe that through my ‘Final Thoughts’ I had a big impact on the results of the election. I think my voice was needed and heard, and I think I tipped a lot of votes in a lot of states.”

She “thinks” she tipped a lot of votes. Somebody should make clear that Tomi doesn’t engage in the art of persuasion. The people who watch her ‘Final Thoughts’ videos do so for confirmation bias above all else. They watch Lahren because she reflects their views.

Nobody watching Lahren sound off is looking to be persuaded. Her contention she had an impact on the election is absurd.



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