As James Comey Prepares to Testify Before Senate Panel, Trump Attacks Him In A Tweet

Does Donald Trump have any sense of awareness? When he takes to Twitter, it’s as if his brain sets itself behind his stubby fingers in the pecking order.

Donald Trump had the authority to fire James Comey via Jeff Sessions and bring in a new FBI Director. He didn’t and likely was not happy to learn the FBI was conducting a counter-intelligence investigation into the Russians and their influence on the general election campaign, as well as any ties to the Trump campaign.


Yesterday, Hillary Clinton was supposedly taking responsibility for her election loss while at the same time claiming she’d be President if the election took place on October 27. Naturally, that outraged President Man-Child who tweeted the following:

No, Trump. Trump did not run a great campaign. Hillary ran a lousy one.

That said, does the President think anything good comes from attacking his own FBI Director? What Trump is saying is, “Hillary committed a crime, and James Comey let her get away with it.”

Good move, Mr. President.



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