NY Times Story Confirms Loretta Lynch Acted Like a Partisan Hack, Not an Attorney General

The NY Times piece about James Comey and how the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s email server shaped the election is fascinating reading. People will hold it up as “proof” Comey was in part, responsible for Hillary Clinton’s loss but as I wrote previously, the charge doesn’t hold up under scrutiny.


Lost amid all of the hyperventilating about Comey is a revelation proving Loretta Lynch, instead of fulfilling her duties as Attorney General, was more interested in giving Hillary Clinton, political cover.

In September of that year, as Mr. Comey prepared for his first public questions about the case at congressional hearings and press briefings, he went across the street to the Justice Department to meet with Ms. Lynch and her staff.

Both had been federal prosecutors in New York — Mr. Comey in the Manhattan limelight, Ms. Lynch in the lower-wattage Brooklyn office. The 6-foot-8 Mr. Comey commanded a room and the spotlight. Ms. Lynch, 5 feet tall, was known for being cautious and relentlessly on message. In her five months as attorney general, she had shown no sign of changing her style.

At the meeting, everyone agreed that Mr. Comey should not reveal details about the Clinton investigation. But Ms. Lynch told him to be even more circumspect: Do not even call it an investigation, she said, according to three people who attended the meeting. Call it a “matter.”


A “matter.” 

It aligns with Hillary’s earlier lie where she said FBI involvement in her email server was a “security review” rather than a criminal investigation.

A national security prosecutor mocked Lynch’s viewpoint:

As the meeting broke up, George Z. Toscas, a national security prosecutor, ribbed Mr. Comey. “I guess you’re the Federal Bureau of Matters now,” Mr. Toscas said, according to two people who were there.



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