Democratic Candidate for NYC Council Doesn't Like 'Greedy Jewish Landlords'

Sometimes you see something you cannot believe. You look. Then look again. Blink, shake your head and look again. You then realize it’s real. It’s absolutely nuts, but there it is, real as can be.


A Democrat in New York City by the name of Thomas Lopez-Pierre is running for the city council, and he’s hitched his campaign to the notion people in the 7th district are suffering because of Jewish landlords.

His entire Twitter feed is devoted to largely to railing against “greedy Jewish landlords.” Check it out:

It is possible, even likely, that this clown is some off the wall candidate that has no chance of winning this race. The larger point is, how in the world is he getting away with this?

I say it because if we play the “If this were a Republican” game, it would certainly be making waves on MSNBC for starters. You can bet there’d be members of Congress asked about it and sooner or later it would become the usual, “If you do not condemn, then you condone!” game Democrats and many in the mainstream media play against Republicans.

I’m thinking the media may want to ask what a candidate who prominently displays a photo of himself along with Barack Obama on his campaign website thinks he can accomplish by calling out “greedy Jewish landlords.”



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