Donald Trump Is Morphing Into Jeb Bush Right Before Our Eyes

That GOP primary seems like it happened 3-4 years ago instead of one. Remember Donald Trump the non-interventionist, populist? Remember the guy alt-Reich fanboys slobbered over and worshiped with creepy art and avatars with glowing yellow eyes?

Where did that Donald Trump go?

He’s slowly being replaced by what his rabid supporters would describe as an establishment, neocon globalist.

Martin detailed the points where Donald Trump has “flip-flopped.”

It’s easy to say he just changed positions for political expediency which is usually what a flip-flop entails. For example, Trump’s shift to being pro-life after a lifetime of being pro-choice to the extreme he wouldn’t ban partial-birth abortion was a politically calculated move and nothing more. Trump knew the GOP nomination was never within reach by being pro-choice, so he flipped his viewpoint. Trump also shifted his opinion on gun control, becoming the second coming of Charlton Heston when he used to support the “assault” weapons ban.

So what does this current shift represent?

For Trump, it’s nothing more than facing the reality of being President and that it is much harder than he thought it would be. For nearly two years he argued being President is an easy job but “losers” were in office, so it’s the reason we’re in such “bad shape.”

Trump couldn’t implement his promise to stop China from manipulating their currency because they’re not doing it. 

On Janet Yellen, Trump made all sorts of accusations about her on the campaign trail. Now he’s indicating she will stay. Why? Trump knows Yellen was not keeping interest rates low just to benefit President Obama. While an argument can be made the Federal Reserve’s decision to keep interest rates so low for so long could be detrimental to the economy long-term, Trump’s campaign trail conspiracy theories don’t hold up.

Trump’s foray into Syria and his about-face on NATO represent a reality that was likely presented to him by Secretary of Defense James Mattis and his National Security Advisor, H.R. McMaster. While Trump played to the anti-globalist crowd during the campaign, it wasn’t enough when he became President and world events made it impossible to maintain such unrealistic postures.

Trump is losing support among some of the faithful, but who cares? Their worldview — the one Trump catered to during the campaign — is dangerous.

Trump is still erratic and still cannot be trusted. However, if he’s allowing those around him not named Steve Bannon to guide him as President, then it’s relieving. The only ones in a rage are those who wanted Bannon pulling the strings and it’s amusing to watch them melt down.

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