Shocker: A Trump Tweet Didn't Prevent Factory Layoffs at This Company

Candidate Trump was big on making promises. How many times did he say, “I alone….” can fix something or stop something?

Back in December, President-elect Trump criticized Rexnord after he learned they were going to close an Indiana factory and move the operations to Mexico. Here is what he said:


The people who worked there thought Trump might help:

Rexnord has planned to lay off its 300 workers at the plant since last year, but President Donald Trump, who has said repeatedly he would stop American firms from shifting production abroad, criticized Rexnord’s plans in a tweet that raised expectations he might intervene.

“Evidently, Rexnord must not have read that,” said Chuck Jones, president of the United Steelworkers Local 1999, which represents workers at the closing factory.

This is the result of people putting their faith in politicians, not just Trump. They are always going to disappoint you.

Even the Carrier deal had nothing to do with Trump. They decided to stop layoffs due to state tax deals promised to them by then Governor Mike Pence.

Trump is learning that governing is not as easy as he thought and he’s disappointing his supporters as a result.


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