Donald Trump Tweets Russian Story Is a Hoax; Thinks Hillary Clinton Is Still a Thing

Nobody holds a grudge like Donald Trump. His inability to get over something is akin to a person suffering from a medical case of paranoia. Trump’s attempts at deflection, particularly on Twitter, are telling because it’s not hard to gauge where he’s at when he’s tweeting.

Contrary to his slavish devotees, Trump is not engaging in 3D chess, seeing a gazillion moves ahead and playing the media for fools. He’s impetuous. That’s it. When something gets to him, he tweets about it, not in an orderly fashion designed to distract people from other matters but at the moment and it usually gets him into more trouble.

Last night, he tried to deflect attention away from his problems with Russia to Hillary Clinton:

Mr. President, the campaign is over. You won. Trying to deflect to Hillary isn’t going to work. Also, with FBI Director Comey confirming there is an investigation into Russian meddling in our election and whether or not your people were criminally involved, the notion the “Trump Russia story is a hoax” comes off as a tad desperate.

Clearly, the President doesn’t understand how the House Intelligence Committee works. They’re an oversight committee. They don’t have the power to investigate paid speeches to Bill Clinton or Hillary’s praise of Russia.

But people will keep telling us he’s a genius.

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