Cosmopolitan Writer Laughably Blames Sexism for Tomi Lahren's Firing

Jill Filipovic is a modern wonder of opinion journalism. Never before have I seen a writer who is so devoid of rationale and reason. She is the writer’s equivalent of the artist, Jackson Pollock. She sprays words on a screen and whatever the result, hits ‘publish.’


Her latest piece at CNN is another exercise where she argues in bad faith. In it, she makes a weak attempt to blame sexism for the termination of Tomi Lahren from Glenn Beck’s ‘TheBlaze.’ Poorly written and argued; it requires being dissected piece by piece.

In the first sentence, the reader receives warning of the piffle they’re about to consume:

Conservative darling-turned-pariah Tomi Lahren is getting a crash course on what the right thinks of women.

Where else did you expect her to begin? With this sentence alone, readers are about to be treated to a heaping spoonful of “All conservative men are beasts!” commentary.

She goes on:

Lahren, a 24-year-old known for her video monologues delivered in a brash, self-aggrandizing tone, rose to quick prominence within right-wing media. She’s young, blond, opinionated and conservative, and unafraid to use sex appeal as a cudgel. “It seems feminists are all about freedom of expression so long as the females are overweight or transgender,” she says in one video.

Being a young, attractive, conservative woman also gave her cover to make the kind of startlingly cruel comments that would have sunk other careers — suggesting, for example, that Syrian refugees fleeing for their lives (and the lives of their children) were cowards who wouldn’t stay to defend their country. “Americans stand up and fight for faith, family and freedom,” reads the text overlaid on an image of herself, which she tweeted. “Syrians run away.”


Jill, have you not heard of Alex Jones, Paul Joseph Watson, or Jim Hoft? You won’t find any of them on male pinup calendars anytime soon. They traffic in the same kind over-the-top, boob bait for Bubba material as Lahren and they’ve never been more prominent. Her meteoric rise had little to do with her looks and much more to do with her embrace of Trump and Trumpism.

But now, after a meteoric rise, Lahren has crashed to earth. She was suspended from the conservative website The Blaze, which features her videos. According to a report in the New York Post, she has been “banned permanently.” The reason: she came out on national television as pro-choice. “You know what? I’m for limited government, so stay out of my guns, and you can stay out of my body as well,” Lahren said.

Filipovic’s portrayal is blatantly dishonest. Nobody knows the precise details of her termination, but it’s been clear from public tweets by Glenn Beck, he hasn’t been happy with her embrace of Trump and his supporters like Milo Yiannopoulos. Furthermore, it wasn’t Lahren’s declaration of being pro-choice that sunk her. It was her characterization of pro-life conservatives as hypocrites under the left-wing equivocation of being pro-choice to that of supporting limited government.


Filipovic blathers more about abortion before she gets to this gem:

Where she went wrong was in thinking it was only fair that she had some say over her sexuality. As an attractive young woman, Lahren was a useful tool for the old white men who run the right-wing media when she said all the right things — when she was a vicious ideologue, cute as a college cheerleader.

This is a classic case of projection. You see, Filipovic and her ilk had no use for Tomi Lahren until she became a means to an end. Words such as “bimbo” and “tramp” are likely descriptors of Lahren by people Filipovic and those like her because we’ve seen it before. There is never a hesitation on the part of the left to describe attractive, smart conservative women as “Barbie Dolls” and “bimbos” because their assumption is they only reached whatever heights they did because of their looks, not in spite of them.

In other words, they never give the benefit of the doubt to conservative women who also happen to be physically attractive.

Filipovic continues with the inanity:

It turns out that for all their talk about freedom and liberty, conservatives aren’t willing to fully extend those values to women.


Her argument has zero credibility since it can only begin to have a shred if only men were conservative. It blows up entirely the moment you point to a conservative woman and said, “What about her?”

Doing so erodes Filipovic’s absurd argument that abortion falls under the banner of freedom and liberty. It’s the same argument Tomi Lahren made. And that is why she’s no longer at TheBlaze.


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