Poll Shows Overwhelmingly Majority of Republicans Are RINO Cucks On Immigration; Favor Path To Citizenship

This one will hit many Trump supporters the hardest. A new CNN poll out shows a high number of Republicans – nearly 90% – support a path to citizenship for people who are here illegally.


The opinion comes with quite a few caveats, but even with those it is a big number and leaves the shouts of “Amnesty!” sounding more like a whisper:

Offering citizenship to those immigrants who are living in the US illegally but hold a job, speak English and are willing to pay back taxes is immensely popular, with 90% behind such a plan. That’s consistent across party lines, with 96% of Democrats, 89% of independents and 87% of Republicans behind it.

As for the “amnesty” label, it varies. For some, “amnesty” means a pathway to citizenship. For many others, it means any legalization. 

It was bound to happen. If people perceive the economy to be improving, the attitude toward illegal immigration shifts in the opposite direction. It’s easy to blame Mexicans the Chinese for the loss of jobs when things are bad, but if they improve, those hard-line attitudes soften.

It’s only one poll and another might show something different but for now, this is not good for the segment of Trump supporters who believe Trump when he says Mexico is going to pay for the border wall.


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