On Morning Joe, Rand Paul Says John McCain is 'past his prime' and 'unhinged'

Yesterday, John McCain was not happy when Rand Paul blocked consideration of a treaty that would allow the country of Montenegro to become part of NATO. Paul registered an objection and proceeded to leave the Senate chamber without explanation. It prompted Senator McCain to remark, “The senator from Kentucky is now working for Vladimir Putin.”


Statements from both were issued in the aftermath. This morning, Senator Paul was on ‘Morning Joe’ and was asked about it by host Willie Geist. Here is Rand Paul said:

Rand Paul: Well you know I think he really really makes a strong case for term limits. I think maybe he’s uhhhh….past his prime. I think maybe he’s gotten a little bit unhinged.

Those are some harsh statements. That said, Senator Paul didn’t address the issue of why he objected to Montenegro being part of NATO beyond our national debt. Merely allowing Montenegro into NATO wouldn’t spark the need for the deployment of troops but that’s what Rand Paul insinuated.



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