Elizabeth Warren Screeches About U.S. Attorneys, But Nothing Is Changing

Charles Cooke from National Review this morning, tweeted, “I’m surprised this has to be said. But then everything routine is “unprecedented!” at the moment,” before linking to Andrew McCarthy’s piece about Trump removing Obama era U.S. attorneys. As I said previously, removing opposition party appointed U.S. attorneys is a practice that goes back nearly 25 years. It is not, as Charles said “unprecedented” and it is certainly not a “scandal.”


However, the media is trying their best to make it appear as though it is. Naturally, left-wing Democrats are going to follow suit, and the charge is being led by fake Native-American Senator, Elizabeth Warren. Warren has accomplished little in her short Senate career outside of being a professional agitator. She loves to scream about the evils of Wall Street despite being a millionaire thanks in part to an investment portfolio. And everything is a conspiracy to the leader of the “resistance” movement.

Her latest claim is Trump’s dismissal of the U.S. attorneys is not a matter of routine governance, but a plot designed to deflect attention away from investigations that center on President Trump. Here are some tweets she sent out:

Actually, Senator, investigations would be conducted by the F.B.I., who would then refer matters to a U.S. attorney stating there is a case to be made. If the U.S. attorney in question did not follow through simply to protect Trump, that would blow up into a scandal.

Alas, the Senator’s fears are unfounded. From The Wall Street Journal:

The firings don’t force pending investigations across the country to be put on hold, as U.S. attorney’s offices have career prosecutors who will fill in until new ones are confirmed. In Manhattan, Mr. Bharara’s departure is unlikely to have a significant impact on continuing probes, largely because the interim leader of the office, Joon Kim, is a close friend and longtime colleague of Mr. Bharara’s.

Since 2013, Mr. Kim has served in various leadership roles within the Southern District of New York, including most recently as deputy U.S. attorney.

“We anticipate that the work of the office will continue for the foreseeable future with minimal disruptions,” said a lawyer within the Manhattan U.S. attorney’s office.


I’ve been trying to explain this to people on Twitter who seem to think the system will be shut down because Trump didn’t have replacements ready to go on one day, but it’s hard to argue with people who have partisan blinders affixed to their heads.


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