Ba Ha BURNT: Obama Flunkie Schooled on Twitter Over Foreign Ambassador Meetings

Twitter is still fun to me. I know people who have quit claiming it’s not fun anymore, but I happen to think it is not a place to take too seriously. Take it light and you’ll get through the slog of nonsense.


Of course, there are times when people (who shouldn’t) try to be clever on Twitter. Sometimes, it works. Other times, it comes back to bite you. Today, Obama flak Jon Favreau (no not that one) got bit.

He tweeted this:

Dan McLaughlin was paying attention, and by doing a little digging, he made Favreau look a tad foolish. Check it out:


Mr. Favreau, it is safe to say that you have been weighed, you have been measured, and you have been found wanting.


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