Oh Senator McCaskill, You Scamp. You Did Meet With The Russian Ambassador After All

Politicians love their high horses. They love being self-righteous. They love looking down their nose at opponents and proclaiming themselves to be above it all. They love to make themselves the center of attention by telling anybody who will listen how wonderful they are.


Senator Claire McCaskill of Missouri could have taken the high road on the issue of Jeff Sessions and his meetings with the Russian ambassador. Unfortunately, McCaskill is one of those types of politicians who cannot get out of their way to opine on something and think they’re clever doing it.

She tweeted this morning:

The good Senator apparently forgot that Twitter allows people to search the archives for all tweets.

So she never called the Russian Ambassador, right? Oops:

Okay, okay. But surely she never MET with the Russian Ambassador, right? Oops:


Now, it is perfectly reasonable to believe the Senator simply forgot about the call and the meeting. She’s a busy person and in the course of doing their job, they meet and call hundreds of people and it’s easy to forget. Perhaps she should afford Senator Sessions the same benefit of the doubt.


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