Dana Perino Tweets Rules On Administration Leaks And Who Is Most Likely Behind Them

Every White House administration is going to grapple with people leaking information to the press. It shouldn’t surprise anybody and to be caught off guard reveals a level a naivete about how Washington D.C. works. Even opinion journalists like me are given information based on the promise of anonymity. So it should be expected reporters from CNN, The Washington Post, The NY Times and other media outlets will get information on background.


Dana Perino, President George W. Bush’s Press Secretary for two years, sent out some tweets today about leaks and what she learned during her time in the White House:

Based on some of that, Katty Kay asked:


Perino replied to clear up any notion the President is the one engaging in the leaking of the information:

I think her final rule is one Sean Spicer should learn. He should just assume news is going to leak and not be surprised when there is information he thought was private, becomes public.

Sean should live in that constant state of prepared paranoia.



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