Trump Tweets Out National Debt Drivel He Saw On Fox and Friends

Donald Trump once said, “All I know is what I see on the Internet.” He also tweets out what he sees on television (as long as it benefits him) so it’s rather amusing to see him always complaining about “fake news.”


Earlier today, Herman Cain was on Fox and Friends and spoke of a “fact” that was pushed out by Gateway Pundit. David Bernstein tweeted it out:

First, to deal with the national debt issue. While the national debt has decreased, the idea that Donald Trump can take credit for it is absurd. He hasn’t signed a single piece of legislation, and his executive orders have no effect on the national debt because it is all related to appropriations made by Congress.

For Gateway Pundit, it’s par for the course for Trumpy-love garbage they “report.” What’s more disappointing is how often mainstream figures like Sean Hannity and Herman Cain site Gateway Pundit as a legitimate news source.


Berstein went on to say:

Like clockwork:

The fact is, with the government spending Donald Trump is proposing, without even pretending he wants to tackle entitlement reform, the national debt will continue to increase, bigly.

In addition, the President should take more care what he tweets, especially in light of his constant attacks on the press and his neverending whining about fake news.


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