President 'I Love Wikileaks!' Trump Is Concerned About Leaks That Helped Oust Michael Flynn

Donald Trump strikes me as the kind of person who is unaware of his hypocrisy. That or he just doesn’t care. The wheels are coming off his administration less than 30 days into his Presidency. He hasn’t even had a cabinet meeting, and he has people in his inner circle resigning. He has a counselor who is in the ethical hot water already, apparently booking her media appearances and then making claims that get contradicted hours later by Sean Spicer. It’s a mess.

So to see these tweets this morning from Trump is just more evidence that we have an administration that is operating with zero discipline.

He means, “reporting.”

Excellent work Mr. Brilliant Businessman. You just gave the media a branded name for this scandal.

Let’s take a trip back in time:

“I love Wikileaks!”

So the guy who cheers on an arm of the Kremlin during the entire general election campaign and by default cheered on Russian spying and hacking is now concerned about leaks. Wow.

People are choosing sides on this issue, and it’s unnecessary. Some are yelling about the leaks and others are saying the leaks don’t matter as this is all about Trump and Flynn. It’s not impossible to be glad that Michael Flynn is no longer around and yet be concerned about how this all went down. John Podhoretz sums it up very well in the NY Post:

If this was intelligence, the revelation of the Flynn meeting just revealed something to the Russians we shouldn’t want revealed — which is that we were listening in on them and doing so effectively.

And if it was an FBI investigation, then the iron principle of law enforcement — that evidence gathered in the course of an investigation must be kept secret to protect the rights of the American being investigated — was just put through a shredder.

Keeping our intelligence-gathering assets hidden from those upon whom we are spying is a key element of our national security.

And as for playing fast and loose with confidential information on American citizens: No joke, people — if they can do it to Mike Flynn, they can do it to you.

This is the ultimate Pandora’s box. It makes a public mockery of the presumption of innocence that is the hallmark of our legal system. Such a thing is only acceptable, even morally, if you believe that the Trump White House represents such an unprecedented threat to everything that a higher law must govern your actions.

It would be pretty to think so, but we also know that Flynn had an antagonistic relationship with America’s intelligence agencies. If these leaks came about not out of high principle but because officials at those agencies were taking out a potential adversary, that is nothing more or less than a monstrous abuse of power.

His points are spot on.

Just watch now as Trump’s sycophants do the same as him.

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