Kellyanne Conway Is Either A Liar or Being Played For A Fool

It’s maddening to try and understand precisely what goes on in the Trump White House. Last I checked they do not have a Director of Communications and it seems people either say what they want to the media or get bad information from somebody else.

Yesterday, Kellyanne Conway was on MSNBC with Steve Kornacki when he asked her about Michael Flynn and whether or not, he  had the full confidence of the President and here is what she said:

Yet just one hour later, Sean Spicer said President Trump was “evaluating the situation.” Several people said to me, “He’s toast.”

Yet, this morning:

Speaking on “Today” Tuesday morning, Conway said her Monday afternoon statement was true at the time, but by the end of the night Flynn decided to resign.’

True at the time? How is that possible? Either Conway went out on TV spouting things for which she had no knowledge or she know what she was saying was garbage. If it’s the former, why would she want to bother sticking around? Who wants to go on television and then be completely contradicted within the hour?

It’s amateur hour in this White House. Less than 30 days in, and it’s a crap show.


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