Writer For New York Magazine Thinks President Trump's Typos Are 'Important'

IRONY ALERT and UPDATE: I identified Nuzzi as a writer for The New Yorker. She is a writer for New York Magazine.

Have we reached the pinnacle of journalistic stupidity less than one month into the Trump administration? Olivia Nuzzi, formerly of The Daily Beast and now with New York Magazing is a decent reporter. But for some reason, the election of Donald Trump has sent her (like others such as Jamelle Bouie of Slate) off the deep end. Not content to merely report on what Trump is doing on a large scale, people are resorting to obsessing over minutia and attempting to turn it into real news. Nuzzi has gone that route by highlighting President Trump’s typos on Twitter.


Here’s what she says:

Proofread tweets? Jesus Christ, it’s Twitter, not a dissertation. What Nuzzi misses is that Trump’s real problem is what he tweets, not the typos. The subject matter is of more importance, and that is where his impulsiveness is an issue.

So he had a typo in a tweet about playing golf with the Prime Minister of Japan. Who cares?

His penchant for getting into pissing matches with people who criticize him is more important than a typo. Calling out private companies such as Nordstrom over business dealings with his daughter Ivanka is important. Debating the merits of a military mission in Yemen with John McCain on Twitter is important.


That he fat fingered the F instead of a D in the word PLAYED is not.


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