President Thin-Skin Trump Attacks John McCain Because He Didn't Cheerlead Yemen Mission

Donald Trump can’t take even the slightest of criticism. It’s pathetic watching him lash out at people on Twitter when they make even the slightest of criticism. The latest target is Senator John McCain.

McCain raised eyebrows when he said he didn’t consider the recent military mission in Yemen a “success” because of the death of a Navy SEAL and a young civilian girl. McCain clarified his comments based on the fact that the mission included gathering intelligence, which they did, but also capturing Al Qaeda terrorists, which they did not:

“My understanding of the parameters of the raid were, they wanted to capture individuals,” Republican Sen. John McCain, who received a classified briefing on the raid Tuesday, told NBC News. “The objective was to kill the bad guys but also capture some of them,” he continued, adding that another goal was to “gain information from various electronic devices.”

This didn’t matter to Trump who tweeted:

Is this grade school? All Trump had to do was stick his thumbs in his ears and wave at McCain saying, “Nyah! Nyah!” to complete the childishness. And what’s with bringing Mattis into it? It sounds like he’s saying, “BUT MY DAD SAID IT WAS A SUCCESS!” 

As for Trump saying McCain doesn’t know how to win anymore…..John McCain just won re-election. With 54% of the vote. And considering Senator McCain was actually fighting in Vietnam while Trump was busy bedding women as his service the country, he might want to think twice about tweeting this kind of nonsense.

Who am I kidding? It will never happen.

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