Awful: Former Planned Parenthood Employee Says Facilities Had Abortion Quotas

Considering Planned Parenthood snuffs out the lives of at least 300,000 lives each year, it’s stunning they even have “parenthood” as part of their organization name. It likely won’t happen in my lifetime, but the mainstream press may one day stop referring to this horrible organization as one that is fixated on “women’s health.” Especially when former employees are talking about the quotas their abortion facilities have to meet.

Lila Rose, head of Live Action spoke with Sue Thayer, a former manager at Planned Parenthood. Watch:

They even had incentives for those who reached or exceeded their “goals.”

Having worked in supply chain, we had metrics of red, yellow, and green. I never thought I would hear of its use as a measure of how many pregnancies Planned Parenthood, terminates.

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