Outrage Faction Hit Hardest When Detained Iraqi Refugee Praises President Trump (VIDEO)

I have mixed feelings on the executive order signed by Donald Trump, but I am also taking a wait and see attitude as to the extent of the EO before going ballistic. It is possible, the EO is illegal and a court will certainly rule on that. Unfortunately, there is a faction of the Amerian public, including politicians, media personalities, and professional grievance hawks who have spent the first week of the Trump presidency screaming their heads off over everything he’s done.


Their capacity to reason had gone right out the window, even taking the yelping to deafening decibel levels for some of the same actions President Obama took when he first got into office. It’s absurd.

The new policy on refugees is going to take a little time to sort out. The bureaucracy has to catch up with the policy, and unfortunately, since it’s the weekend, it will cause some issues before it is all worked out. But that is precisely why cooler heads need to prevail.

A somewhat humorous moment came out of this when an Iraqi refugee, detained at JFK Airport because of the new policy had a press conference with NY Democrats Nydia Velazquez and Jerry Nadler. Pay close attention to their faces as the man speaks about Donald Trump:

Oops. The man appears to be taking it all in stride, considering where he’s from Iraq. The people who are knee-jerking their way to a second Trump term already should take a lesson from this man. Stop automatically freaking out when Trump says or does something and wait to see what happens.


Yes, it is possible the executive actions are hastily put together and require some rewording but this happens all the time in government. Do we really need to bring up the horrendous rollout of Obamacare again to prove this?


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