VIDEO: 'Tolerant' Left-Winger Tossed Off Plane For Berating Trump Supporter

One of the ridiculous statements made by a Hillary Clinton supporter came from Sally Kohn. It was on election night, and things were looking good for Hill when Kohn tweeted the following:


Of course, all of the angry protests, celebrity hate-tweets, nastiness at the Women’s March on Washinton and other assorted freak outs have proven Sally’s senses are not all that attuned to what is going on in the country.

Another example of that anti-Trump anger surfaced when a woman got kicked off an airplane because she was berating the Trump supporter she was sitting next to. Check this out:

And here is some video of them being escorted off with people cheering. Don’t mess with people’s flight schedules.

Ah, the tolerant left.



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