San Antonio Mall Shooting Update: Man With Concealed Carry Permit Stops One Suspect

This one looks like a robbery gone bad. According to San Antonio Police, two men were attempting to rob a jewelry store at the mall when something went wrong:

Police Chief William McManus said two suspects robbed a jewelry store at the Rolling Oaks Mall on Sunday.

“What we have here is a robbery gone really, really bad,” McManus said.

After the suspects fled the store, a man, described by McManus as a “good Samaritan” tried to stop the two men.

One of the robbers then fatally shot the man, McManus said.

A second individual, who was carrying a licensed concealed weapon, then shot and wounded the robber who had killed the person who intervened, McManus said.

McManus called the fatal shooting “absolutely senseless.” The victim’s name was not immediately released by authorities.

The other robber fled the mall, firing his weapon and injuring a man and a woman. These two individuals, along with the injured robber, were taken to local hospital, said San Antonio Fire Chief Charles Hood.

Two other people— a woman who complained of chest pains and a pregnant woman who had labor pains — were also taken to local hospitals, Hood said.

The condition of the people who were injured in the incident was not immediately available.

McManus says police are still looking for the other robber who is believed to have left the mall.

It’s really unfortunate the good samaritan died trying to help. It doesn’t say whether or not he was armed but if he was, they’d have reported it. Thankfully, the person with the concealed carry permit was there.

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