Nancy Pelosi Creates Fake News; Falsely Says 'A Number' Of Republicans Skipped Obama Inauguration

A lot has been made of Democrats, announcing they will be boycotting Donald Trump’s inauguration, with Rep. John Lewis leading the way, saying Trump is not a “legitimate” President.

Nancy Pelosi was on Morning Joe today when Willie Geist asked Pelosi about John Lewis’s remarks and Democrats skipping the inauguration when she said the following:

This is complete nonsense. She’s saying it, knowing she doesn’t have to prove it because how do you? That said if any Republicans publicly announced they were skipping Obama’s inauguration for anything other than a family related death or deadly illness, it would have made front page news and we’d have heard about on an endless loop until Chief Justice Roberts administered the oath of office.

This is crap and somebody on Morning Joe should have called her on it.