'Feminist' Director Joss Whedon Tweets Photo Mocking Nicole Kidman After Trump Comments


It’s funny sometimes, watching celebrities turn on each other over issues. It’s like watching kids in kindergarten fight only the 5-year-olds are more mature. Still, at times it’s just absurd, and ‘The Avengers’ director Joss Whedon’s snipe at actress Nicole Kidman is a low blow.


Andrea wrote how Kidman had said Trump won and it was time to “support” him. I don’t think she meant “support” in that people should back everything he does, but rather accept that he is going to be President and move on. In fact, in an interview with Access Hollywood, she stated the following:

‘I was trying to stress that I believe in democracy and the American Constitution, and it was that simple,’ she told Liz Hernandez.

How absurd is it that she has to explain it? Oh, that’s right. Because people are stupid.

Her original comments scratched an itch on Joss’s head where hair once grew because he thought it was a good idea to tweet the following in response:

So she makes one comment on politics, and this clown decides the best thing to do is mock her by lining her up next to a shot of the doll Lady Penelope from Thunderbirds.

How feminist of you, Joss.

It’s obvious that Nicole Kidman has some minor plastic surgery done but since when is that cause for derision based on politics?

Maybe Joss’s hair loss is getting to him. After all, he used to be this stud:



Hair loss jokes aside, his tweet is ironic, given that he re-tweeted this:


Stay away from the rest of her Twitter feed. It’s amazingly dumb, and you’ll lose IQ points reading it.

It’s hard to understand the mindset of the Hollywood left. They get triggered by the election of Donald Trump but give standing ovations to child rapists like Roman Polanski. They whine and blubber when called out on their left wing nonsense saying they have the right to speak out about politics and behave as thought it should be free from criticism.

But once somebody goes off the reservation, as Kidman did with innocuous comments, idiots like Whedon come out guns blazing.

Kidman believes in the constitution, Joss. You should try it sometime.


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