VIDEO: Cavuto to CNN About Trump Attacks: Stop Whining. Fox Dealt With It For 8 Years

Whether one agrees or not with the treatment CNN is getting from President-elect Trump and his team, it is quite a change to see the treatment they are getting, considering it was Fox News getting kicked around for eight years by President Obama.


Neil Cavuto (not sure about the new glasses, buddy) talked about it and served a hot serving of “Get Over It” to the people at CNN. In the video, there are examples of President Obama attacking Fox News (it’s happened more than people can likely compile) and serves up some advice for the people at the rival network. Check it out:

However, Neil does seem to miss the fact that several individuals at CNN, including notably Jake Tapper, did in fact defend Fox over that treatment. And on more than one occasion.

Still, though, in general the left-leaning media outlets haven’t had much to say on behalf of Fox over the course of eight years of Obama’s treating them in exactly the way that is now being universally called “dangerous.”

I don’t happen to agree with what Trump is doing to CNN precisely because I thought it was absurd the way President Obama dealt with Fox News: like he was a whiny toddler. I don’t want to see the same thing over the next four or (yikes) eight years.


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