Meryl Streep's Speech Was An Unfunny Joke But Her Fawning Over The Press Is Hilarious

There is no need to go into all of what Meryl Streep said last night. There’s no reason to be outraged about it either. Streep can talk all she wants about the small town in New Jersey where she lived (Summit, NJ is not some middle-class enclave – it’s upper middle class without a doubt) but the fact is, she lives in California, far away from the rest of the dregs of society. She sold her home several years ago to Alex Rodriguez for nearly $5 million. If that is not living in a bubble, I don’t know what is.


Still, the most bizarre moment had nothing to do with any whining about Donald Trump. It had to do with her comments about the press. If there is anything that amazes since Trump won, it’s been the call from the left for the media to hold our public officials (i.e., Donald Trump) to account. I agree. I still get hate mail from Trump fans when I criticize Trump, and I will continue to do so when it is warranted. The mainstream media will as well because Barack Obama is no longer President.

Streep called on the press to be hard on Trump and people are cheering but have they all been asleep the last eight years?

Think about the IRS scandal for a moment. The media did all they could to forget that story. Imagine if the IRS under President Trump was targeting liberal groups and making it almost impossible to get their tax-exempt status? If people found out veterans died waiting for care in a Trump administration, the press would go out of their freaking minds. For Barack Obama, it was barely a blip on the radar. Nobody was fired. Nobody was held to account. Nothing.


The media yawned. 

The media was so friendly to the Obama administration since he’s been elected, the biggest concern members of the press had was angling for the best seats at the White House Correspondents Dinner.

So now the fourth estate needs to pay attention again, according to Meryl Streep and other left-wing nitwits. Glad to see after eight years, they are awakening from their slumber.


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