ABC's Matthew Dowd To Challenge Ted Cruz? That's The Rumor

I am not sure if this is some kind of “principle” run or if Dowd thinks he can actually beat Ted Cruz in Texas but the rumor mill is swirling.


From what I am reading, it seems more self-serving than anything else. From the Texas Tribune story:

More recently, Dowd used his social media and ABC News platforms to question the viability of the two-party system.

Now, he is considering a run of his own — against a man he once worked with on the 2000 Bush campaign.

“I don’t think Ted served the state well at all,” Dowd said. “He hasn’t been interested in being a U.S. senator from Texas. He’s been interested in national office since the day he got in.”

A Cruz spokeswoman declined to comment about Dowd’s possible run on Thursday, but earlier in the day the senator expressed confidence in his re-election chances during a morning radio interview. But he said he was not taking anything for granted.

“At this point, I don’t see anyone that is likely to run, but I’m going to assume that the threat is serious and prepare accordingly,” Cruz told conservative radio host Hugh Hewitt.

An independent run would be a heavy lift, but it would probably scramble the race far more than anyone could have anticipated a year ago. Dowd argued that an independent candidate could have a better shot than a challenge from either party.

“I think Ted is vulnerable, but I don’t think Ted’s vulnerable in the Republican primary, and I don’t think Ted is vulnerable to a Democrat in the general,” he said. “I think a Democrat can’t win in the state.”


I still think Cruz is pretty popular among a lot Texans.

Dowd is a guy that worked both sides of the aisle when it suited him. Now he says the system is broken. Put your money where your mouth is, Matthew.


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