Did Kellyanne Conway Say To Trust Julian Assange On Russian Hacking? (VIDEO)

I am not familiar with the intricacies of intelligence gathering. I also know it’s not an exact science. Do they miss things? Yes. Do they get things wrong? Sure. That said, we’re probably not privy to everything they get right. Donald Trump and his team, for whatever reason, have embroiled themselves in a public relations battle with the intelligence community and now it appears they’re going so far as to take the word of Julian Assange over the U.S. intelligence community.


Trump counselor, Kellyanne Conway was on CNBC this morning and was asked to respond to Julian Assange’s contention that Russia is not his source for DNC emails or John Podesta emails released by Wikileaks. Watch what she says:

Assange is a known liar. The idea that we should believe Assange simply because he says so is absurd. What’s worse is, the intelligence community – various agencies – concluded it was Russia. It’s one thing to quibble over Russian motivation, and there is still no evidence Russian hacked any voting mechanisms much to the chagrin of partisan Democrats.

It looks ridiculous for people like Kellyanne Conway and Donald Trump to be questioning the determination of experts in the field of intelligence gathering by saying, “Uh uh! Julian Assange said Russia is not the source! They’re playing a dangerous game, and at this point, it’s maddening to understand their motivation.


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