Dan Rather Is Teaching an Online Course He Needs To Take!


Dan Rather’s star fell quickly after the false “George W. Bush was AWOL” story 60 Minutes did that turned out to be backed up by bogus documents (people called them forgeries, but they never existed, to begin with). It also established for the worst that while the documents were fake, the underlying story was “accurate.” Hence, ‘fake but accurate’ was born almost anybody following the story knows the phrase.


Rather is attempting to do something to cement his legacy by attempting to draw lines in the sand about telling the truth. Joe wrote about this the other day and said:

So, when Dan Rather demands truth in journalism, I take it about as seriously as I would if Stephen Glass made the same demands. As far as what he’s upset over, it should really be a non-issue.

So I had a great laugh when somebody sent me information about an online journalism course Rather is teaching. The course title is:

Dan Rather on Journalism & Finding the Truth in the News

I am not kidding. You can sign up for this course right now for the very low price of $10! (Click for full size)


When you stop laughing, you can go to the site and sign up. Or search for something that might actually be useful.


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