Andrew Cuomo Commutes Sentence Of Accomplice In Brinks Robbery and Double Cop Killing

What is it about the left that they are enamored with radical leftist criminals? It’s bad enough they kissed up to people like Fidel Castro the entire time he was alive. Now, Governor Andrew Cuomo has commuted the sentence of Judith Clark, an accomplice and getaway driver in the famous 1981 Brinks heist in 1981, in which the armored car driver and two cops were murdered in cold blood.


She’s referred to as the “getaway driver, ” but her role in the heist was integral to it being carried out. Kenneth Maxwell, one of the FBI agents assigned to investigate the case, writes the following in the New York Post:

Judith Clark was no shrinking violet who got caught up in something that got too big for her to handle — she was a committed domestic terrorist who played an integral role in the planning and execution of the Brinks heist.

There’s evidence she was a committed member of The Family — a shady group of avowed communists, former Black Panthers and Black Liberation Army members and lawbreakers affiliated with the Republic of New Afrika and Weather Underground.

This was the group that was responsible for busting FALN terrorist William Morales out of a prison hospital and breaking Black Liberation Army leader JoAnne Chesimard out of a New Jersey prison. (Both now are fugitives living in Cuba.)
According to the first-hand accounts of a witness, Clark was in the process of reaching under the seat of the car she crashed while fleeing police — to reach for a loaded 9mm semiautomatic. This was just moments after the shootout that killed Sgt. Edward O’Grady and police Officer Waverly Brown.


Thanks to Governor Cuomo, an accomplice to three murders, will be eligible for parole. The judge in the case, sentenced Clark to 75 years in prison (without the eligibility for parole) ensuring she would rot in prison as she should. He commuted the sentence to 35 years to life, making her eligible for parole in 2017. His rationale is weak at best:

But Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo, citing what he called Ms. Clark’s long sentence and “exceptional strides in self-development” commuted her sentence on Friday.

So what? Peter Paige, Officer Edward O’Grady, and Officer Waverly Brown all received death sentences on that fateful day. 

And Judith Clark was responsible.

It’s sickening she will have the opportunity to be let out of prison. Thanks a lot, Governor.



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