What Fool Thought Nicolas Cage Would Be A Good Choice To Play Ronald Reagan?

I read this and shook my head immediately. Nicolas Cage as Ronald Reagan? Granted, this is just Page Six, but still. It’s a bad rumor even if nothing comes of it:


Nicolas Cage is wondering whether the role of Ronald Reagan would damage his career.

The Oscar-winning actor has been offered the lead in a movie that will show the conservative president in a flattering light, infuriating the liberal Hollywood crowd — the opposite of “Reagan,” the movie in which Will Ferrell was going to play the president as senile.

Cage’s publicist Stephen Huvane declined to discuss the new movie. “It’s way too early in the development process,” he said.

Nicolas, whatever was left of your career died with the remake of ‘Left Behind.’ The movie is so bad, Kirk Cameron, who starred in the original clunker, laughs about it.

First of all, Cage is too young. He is only 52. Ronald Reagan was 70 years old his first year in office. Yes, they can do wonders with makeup these days, but it wouldn’t be enough.

Second, Cage is has one voice and that is Nicolas Cage. He cannot adjust it for anything and he couldn’t even begin to sound like Ronald Reagan which is critical for some authenticity. There are actors who could pull it off. Christopher Plummer despite being 17 years older than Reagan when he took office, could do the role some justice. Plummer is still making movies every year. Harrison Ford, who is 74 (and familiar playing presidential roles) could star in the film as well.


The bottom line is, there are some other choices.

Cage has unfortunately fallen into the realm of making crappy straight to on-demand type movies. Whether or not he can start doing better roles again, remains to be seen. But Ronald Reagan deserves better.



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