Some 'A List' Entertainers Won't Perform At Trump's Inauguration And Nobody Cares

It’s like an election happened and people still haven’t figured out Hillary Clinton lost. Apparently, some bigger named entertainers were asked to perform at Donald Trump’s inauguration, and they’ve all barked, “No!” in response. They don’t want to be seen as lending “credibility” to Trump.

First of all, most of these jackwagons were prancing around with their “I’m With Her” apparel and busily planning what they were going to sing when Hillary’s ascendancy to the Oval Office was complete.

Apparently, this has Donald Trump in a tizzy (allegedly):

Donald Trump is so displeased with his team’s inability to lock in A-list talent for his inauguration events next month that he’s ordered a “Hail Mary” shakeup of his recruiters to try to book performers, a person familiar with the situation told TheWrap.

Mark Burnett, who produces “Celebrity Apprentice” with Trump and has been overseeing entertainment for inauguration festivities, has brought in talent recruiter Suzanne Bender, a former “Dancing With the Stars” and “American Idol” booker, to end an effective freeze-out by Hollywood, the insider said.

“Trump is very unhappy,” the insider said. “Bender has been tasked with salvaging this… It’s a Hail Mary.”

“It’s coming directly from the principal,” he said, referring to the president-elect. He also scoffed at a recent TMZ report claiming that Trump is “hardly engaged in the party planning at all.”

It goes on to say Elton John and Garth Brooks were both asked and declined. Brooks himself said he’d not been approached.

This is all so absurd. The Hollywood elite lined up in droves to defeat Trump, with Hillary cackling along. The concert in Cleveland with Jay-Z, Beyonce and an appearance by Lebron James worked wonders for her, didn’t it?

Trump supporters show up by the tens of thousands at his rallies even after being elected. Does anybody believe people are not going to show up because Katy Perry or Madonna won’t be performing? They don’t care.

Nobody does outside of the people snickering Elton John won’t be there to sing, ‘Rocket Man.’

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