Excuse Number Eleventy Billion Why Hillary Lost: Voter ID Laws

James Comey. Racism. The media. Sexism. Vladimir Putin. The list of reasons why Hillary Clinton lost the election to Donald Trump continues to grow. Naturally, none of the reasons have anything to do with her. She was perfection; the election was hers and Donald Trump along with the GOP took it away from her. The latest reason? Voter ID laws.

The LA Times has a piece that makes Wisconsin’s voter ID law sound as though Bull Connor is waiting at the polling stations with a hose:

Starting with John F. Kennedy’s victory over Richard Nixon in 1960, Delia Anderson had voted in 14 straight presidential elections.

She had cast her ballot at the same polling place for years, never with a glitch. This year, however, a volunteer driving her to the polls mentioned that she would be asked to show a state-approved photo ID.

“Don’t these poll people already know who I am?” replied Anderson, who is 77, black and uses a wheelchair, as she frantically sifted through her purse for anything to prove her identity.

It was a lost cause. She had planned to vote for Hillary Clinton. Instead, for the first time in 56 years, she did not cast a ballot.

“Lord, have mercy,” she said. “What happened to voting?”

The Lord should have mercy on the volunteer who did Ms. Anderson an unforgivable disservice. That disservice is not revealed until much later in the article. Ms. Anderson could have filled out a provisional ballot, gotten the necessary ID and her voted would count.

Along with the ignorance of the volunteer is the issue of voter ignorance in general:

Anthony Roark, a white 29-year-old Milwaukee resident who moved recently from South Dakota, had considered applying for a state license before voting day. But Roark, a butcher at Whole Foods, said fees and paperwork required to transfer his license to Wisconsin were off-putting.

“I just felt the principle of paying to vote was wrong,” said Roark, who supported Green Party candidate Jill Stein.

Roark could have also applied for a free ID card only for voting, but he didn’t realize that was an option.

He didn’t “realize” it. The problem here is the failure of people to understand basic civics. Nobody is required to pay for identification to vote. Requiring payment for voter identification is considered a poll tax and runs afoul of the 24th amendment to the Constitution. Therefore, a simple Google search would have led him here and then here to show how easy it is to get an ID to vote in Wisconsin.

The media and Democrats are always yelling about voter fraud and how it doesn’t exist but they want the public to believe people are completely incapable of acquiring free identification to vote.

Hillary and her supporters (including those in the media) cannot draw a straight line from voter ID laws to her loss. But it won’t stop them from speculating. It’s just another excuse in a long list of excuses why she lost.

At some point, maybe…..maybe Hillary and her team will do some introspection. I won’t hold my breath.


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