Ted Cruz's Campaign Manager Groveling For A Role In The Trump Administration

Some people don’t care who they work for, just as long as they can take a higher step up in the echelon of politics. Jeff Roe, who was Ted Cruz’s campaign manager is seeking a job in the Trump administration. After all, if Ted Cruz can kiss and make up with Trump, why not Roe?


Jeff Roe, a prominent Republican Party strategist who managed Ted Cruz’s presidential campaign, has been seeking a job in the Trump administration – possibly as political director, according to multiple sources familiar with the matter.

Roe, a hard-charging, Missouri-based operative who has also worked for a number of congressional Republicans, was spotted in Trump Tower on Wednesday. Several of his friends said that in recent weeks he had expressed serious interest in joining Trump’s team, and two sources close to the transition said that Roe had embarked on an aggressive push for the political director job.

Does Trump go along with this? Difficult to say. There are plenty of people at their disposal who can step into this role. Also, Roe is still seen as the person who would head up Ted Cruz’s re-election campaign in 2018. Of course, if Cruz decided to challenge Trump in 2020, would Roe be willing to jump ship if he was serving in a Trump administration?



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