Hollywood Bozos Discover A Love of Federalism Over The Electoral College (VIDEO)

Leave it to the election of Donald Trump as President for the left to embrace federalism. An organization called ‘Unite For America’ has put out a video featuring a host of Hollywood actors and actresses, most notably, Martin Sheen.


In the video, the various actors are imploring electors who are slated to vote for Donald Trump to change their vote. They claim they’re not asking people to vote for Hillary Clinton. But if not, then what’s the point? If 37 electors change their vote and Donald Trump gets 269 electoral votes, it would then go to the House of Representatives, and there is no way the Republican-controlled House chooses anybody other than Donald Trump.

Here is the video:

Did you get that? You have the respect of a bunch of douchebags who are masking their liberal tears over Hillary’s defeat by touting federalism, the Constitution, and patriotism.

You can almost see the condescension in their eyes. “You dummies did this to us and can change it before it’s too late!” 

The worst part, are Hillary Clinton supporters arguing fitness for office as a reason for an elector casting a vote for somebody else. Hillary Clinton, the first Presidential candidate in history to be under FBI investigation while running for office was not fit for the presidency.

But I doubt we’ll any videos explaining that.


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